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Strong Women in Mumbai

Today, on International Women’s Day, I want to share a few images of two strong women I met in the Dharavi Slum in Mumbai, India.  Yes, the same slum featured prominently (and rather inaccurately) in that famous movie. Meet Paani … Continue reading

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One Morning in Pinar Del Rio

We weren’t supposed to be in Pinar del Rio but our hotel in Vinales fell through and this was the town nearby where a hotel could be found.  So, all the time we had in Pinar del Rio was one … Continue reading

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Spinning Prayers . . . The Whirling Dervishes of Turkey

The Whirling Dervish, or Semazen, an icon of Turkey, whirling in respect of and for God. The ceremony, called Sema, represents not only Turkish culture and history but primarily derives from the Sufi faith. The whirling mirrors the natural revolution … Continue reading

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Wandering the Streets of Santa Clara, Cuba

Two days in Santa Clara . . . each day spent wandering around the town center – an area of about  24 sq blocks – meeting people, making friends.   People out at all hours of the morning and evening … Continue reading

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The Morning Paper with Fermin

I met Fermin while wandering one morning through the town of Santa Clara, Cuba.  Sitting on his stoop, hunched over the morning paper, reading through his cracked eyeglasses.  Stopping to chat a bit, I asked him if I could make … Continue reading

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Trinidad, Cuba – An Afternoon with Eusebio and Flora

Walking through the streets of Trinidad with my friend Liz, away from the typical tourist sections, we heard the sounds of bongo drums being beaten not so rhythmically. And a soft guitar accompanied by an aged melodic voice. We aproached … Continue reading

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Boxeo en Cuba, Part Two

One more look at the Rafael Trejo Gimnasio in Havana . . . this time with the youngsters.  Every bit as intense as their adult comrades, but with a lot of hamming it up for cameras.  A really fun time, … Continue reading

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