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Three Months for Buddha…a story of Siem Reap

I prepared this story using Adobe Spark (for the first time) . . . I would love to hear your thoughts on the format (and the story, of course). Please click the link below to see the full story. reading

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Japanese Macaque – In Living Color

At the risk of tiring you all on the subject of macaques…..jumping off from the last blog (Japan – Hanging with the Macaques)…..this time, just a few the favorites in full color.  Enjoy!  

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Japan – Hanging with the Macaques

Red faces and expressive eyes – looking so much like humans.  Languishing in steamy hot springs surrounded by a wintery landscape.  Playing, occasionally feuding.  Always grooming one another.  Some huddling together for warmth.  These are the Snow Monkeys, or Japanese … Continue reading

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Cappadocia – Far From my Comfort Zone

A year ago, I headed to Turkey with the primary objective of spending time in Istanbul.  Istanbul. . . romanticized by the writings of Orhan Pamuk and the photography of Ara Güler.  I really had no interest in Anatolia.  I … Continue reading

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Simple Life in Trinidad

I feel like I have been away for a long time.  Away from traveling, from creating images and the editing process.  Away from the creative side of my brain . . . .  Ok, so only a couple of months … Continue reading

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Strong Women in Mumbai

Today, on International Women’s Day, I want to share a few images of two strong women I met in the Dharavi Slum in Mumbai, India.  Yes, the same slum featured prominently (and rather inaccurately) in that famous movie. Meet Paani … Continue reading

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One Morning in Pinar Del Rio

We weren’t supposed to be in Pinar del Rio but our hotel in Vinales fell through and this was the town nearby where a hotel could be found.  So, all the time we had in Pinar del Rio was one … Continue reading

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