Myanmar – Nyaung Shwe Kitchens and Cafes

Little more than a main street with a few small streets branching out, Nyaung Shwe is most widely known as the jumping off point for tourist trips south into Inle Lake.  But spend a little time there and you will be treated to a thriving fishing village with a lively “downtown”.  We wandered out early one morning to this center of the village to find cafes and shops bustling with activity.

First we stopped in at the cafe above.  Seeing that incredible wall as a backdrop, we waited a while for someone to sit in front of it  . . .  eventually, the proprietor of the cafe agreed to be our model.

Across the street, we wandered into a kitchen manned by young men busy preparing the days meals.  This kitchen was one of those dreamy dim places, lit beautifully by a few hanging bare bulbs and sunlight bouncing in from the street.  Lucky for us, the young men seemed to enjoy our presence and were happy to be our photographic subjects.  I could have stayed in that kitchen for the whole day !

Finally, I will leave you with an image of one of the happiest, giggliest kids I have met in a while.  Fascinated by my camera and seeing his image on the screen – he would let out peels of laughter and then stop suddenly for another photo.   It is so fun when I can make someone happy like that just by doing what I love doing!

All the best,


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9 Responses to Myanmar – Nyaung Shwe Kitchens and Cafes

  1. Beautiful images. Super job.

  2. Kathleen says:

    Good ones! Cuties

    Cheers, Kathleen

  3. karlgrobl says:

    Totally Kick Ass! (oops, can I say “ass” here on this blog?)
    Really, Lisa, these images rock, I love the lighting and mood!

  4. Ian Mylam says:

    Beautiful light, beautifully photographed, Lisa. You are consistently producing fantastic photography. Congratulations.

  5. rutialon says:

    Hello Lisa, great images. Everything said above is more than the reality.

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