Portraits from Myanmar

During the trip to Myanmar, a friend said to me “you are just not going to be happy until you can get that big old lens a foot from someone’s face”.  Now, I can’t deny there is truth in what she said – I do often get very close to my subjects – and I really love to make portraits.  But more importantly – making close portraits forces me to interact closely with the people I am photographing.  I talk with them – not always in the same language and not always with words.  I show them the images I made.   Sometimes it is quick – just a couple of minutes – or I might spend an hour or more with them.  I almost always come away with images reflecting a myriad of expressions.  I always come away knowing a little more about the person and myself.  And that does make me happy.

This is why photography is so great – and so much fun.

The portraits in this post were made in Bagan and around Inle Lake.



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17 Responses to Portraits from Myanmar

  1. Catherine Wisner says:

    Hmmm wonder which friend that was that said to you? I will travel with you anywhere..even though you do shove that lens directly into their faces..lol..

  2. Ana Goffe says:

    These are wonderful portraits. Thank you.

  3. Ayn Brown says:

    Really great inspiration ahead of my trip tp Myanmar in September

  4. Catherine Wisner says:

    Ayn, Lisa’s weapon of choice is her 24-70mm F2.8. She is amazing with it..although she can also be seen with the 70-200mm f2.8 also. I am just jealous because I can never seem to get the moxie up to put that lens that close to someones face..but that is why she gets the shots..

  5. Ian Mylam says:

    Stunning portraits Lisa! You should be really proud of these.

  6. KF says:

    Wow, beautiful portraits LB! Much prettier than the 10-Q’s you created when we worked together, lol! Keep it up, you have a gift 🙂 K

  7. Melissa Morse says:

    Lisa, I love the way you work to develop a theme and expand upon it. Beautiful work.

  8. Koya says:

    Really quite exceptional work. These are such intimate portraits.

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