INDIA: The One I Will Always Remember

This is the last post documenting my trip to India. I am likely to post additional images and stories from the trip – but those will come much later. I want to end the trip-logue with two images of a woman in Varanasi. Of all the faces on the people I had the great joy to meet throughout India – those that were happy, sad, excited, laughing, crying, bewildered, surprised, animated, serene, mournful, open, suspicious, timid, aggressive – hers is the face I will always remember and the one that will, for me, express India in its fullest.

I don’t know her name, but to me she is India.  Beautiful.  Timeless, despite so many years.  Her face says tranquility, serenity, strength, perseverance, pride, hope, and most of all, dignity.

I will see her face whenever I think back on India.

Namaskār, Lisa

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14 Responses to INDIA: The One I Will Always Remember

  1. |nabadip| says:

    Great post!
    And as we Indians keep saying,”phir ana”
    it means please visit india again!

  2. uwall says:


  3. The first image is AMAZING!!
    Steve McCurry.. eat your hear out!

  4. Bob Ludwig says:

    Your whole series is beautiful and poignant. The photography and writing is wonderful. You have a real talent there, young lady.

  5. Carol Chanel says:

    Lisa – what a fantastic face!! Thank you for sharing it with us. Great to see what depth, character, and soul a naturally aging face offers to us.

    • Hi Carol. She is really amazing, isnt she? I wish I knew her age, but she spoke no English and there was no one around to interpret. We communicated solely through gestures and smiles. I love her.

  6. Amit Arora says:

    Very well said Lisa. This is such an amazing picture.

    What a wonderful way of knowing various parts, people, culture and traditions of India through your brilliant photoblog and personal narratives. Enjoying it very much !

  7. Beautiful writing & imagery, Lisa! Her face holds so many stories…

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