INDIA: Street Shooting in Varanasi

Venturing out into Varansi’s streets and alleys proved to be fertile ground for street shooting and meeting the local folks.  Varansi has 3 million plus inhabitants – and additional thousands and thousands more visitors and pilgrims – all crowded into the tiny streets of the oldest city in India.

Every street is teeming with activity – business done on every corner and in every niche available.  Locals streaming through the streets on daily errands and on their way to unknown destinations.  Some milling about in groups talking, laughing.  Some deep in thought or intent on a book or a newspaper.  Porters pressing through the crowds carrying their load on their heads.  Bearers calling out as they carry the dead to the crematory ghats on the Ganges. The ever-present cows mixing with the crowds.  Dogs running – and sleeping – anywhere and everywhere.  It is a noisy, vibrant scene.  And perfect for street shooting.

Namaskār,   Lisa

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7 Responses to INDIA: Street Shooting in Varanasi

  1. Now there are the black and whites that when I see I think of Lisa. I especially like the one with the dog..and a bit of eye candy there…there is something about the black and whites that makes me go back over them time and again.perhaps to make sure I have not missed anything. I think they make you work more for the image. Everything is not just handed to you in technicolor. Good stuff Lisa..

    • Thank you Catherine. I agree, sometimes B+W holds me longer. I know I see more in each image after I have converted to B+W – I am happy to hear it does that for you too. All the best, Lisa

  2. Ian Mylam says:

    Great photography, Lisa!

  3. Ian Mylam says:

    Great photography, Lisa! Like the warm toning, too.

  4. I agree with Catherine.. The dog shot is AMAZING!!! Best ever.
    Love the close up of the kids too.. great work.

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