INDIA: Haridwar, Another Train Station

Haridwar is a pilgrimage town in Uttarakhand district in the foothills of the Himalya Mountains.  The Ganges runs fast, cold and clear here as it escapes the western mountians and heads for the plains of India.  Haridwar, literally meaning the Gateway to Lord Vishnu, is one of the seven Hindu holy places in India and a common point for beginning the pilgrim’s journey.

I spent a few days here in November, visiting Temples, Ashrams, and ceremonies – and strolling the back streets.  We arrived by train from New Delhi – so the station is where I will begin.  Like any venue in India, the train station is a visual smorgasbord . . . crowded with people, alive with color, and ringing with noise . . .

Shot from above – trains in, trains out.

Waiting for trains to depart.

Unloading – rather UNcarefully.

Passengers do not so much as queue up as huddle up.

Trains are so full that not everyone can get into the cars.

It is a lot faster to cut across the tracks than use the elevated walkways – seems a helping hand is always near.

Smiling faces in the crowd . . .


More on Haridwar in a later post.  Until then . . . Namaskār,


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2 Responses to INDIA: Haridwar, Another Train Station

  1. Great images.. You have certainly captured the spirit!

  2. sougw says:

    so colorful! Beverly Henry

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