INDIA: Shergarh – Chai, Family and Goats

On a very early morning in November, our group packed into 4 x4’s and headed out of the Manvar Desert Camp to visit a local village.  What a terrific morning it would turn out to be.  We were in an area of the Thar Desert informally known as Shergarh – a collection of small villages in a dunes and scrub brush landscape.

We popped out of the Jeeps where the road split under a few trees and several paths converged.  With a couple of fellow photographers, we picked a path and headed off to see what we would find.  We came upon a few small farms just waking up to the day.

We were greeted by a proud father who warmly welcomed us to his home and insisted we stay for chai.  As someone who sincerely loves Masala Chai, I was all for it – if a little concerned over the preparation process.  But, rather than risk being rude, I decided not to worry about it – I had several cups – it was quite tasty.

As the son prepared our tea, the young daughters went about their chores of tidying up the home and courtyard.  Eventually, everyone settled in for chai and a bit of getting to know each other – and of course, a few photos.  One of my favorite parts of the morning had to be the children showing off their goats – which they carried to us ready to be photographed.  Such fun! And what a memorable morning!

Wandering back to the Jeeps, I couldn’t help but marvel at the simple joys in life . . .  chai, family, and couple of goats.  What else could you need?

Enjoy the family album. .  .  Lisa


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4 Responses to INDIA: Shergarh – Chai, Family and Goats

  1. Malou Prestado says:

    The pictures are amazing!

  2. Sharon Cole says:

    Hi Lisa,
    The people you captured in your photos look very content. Maybe a couple of goats and some tea IS all we need.

  3. Blue Line says:

    where is sehrjarh , i mean in which part of India this village, they live in cottages, their life looks happy like their faces. no technology, no polution and no energy waste

  4. Thank you all for the wonderful compliments and the encouragement.

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