INDIA: Jodhpur, The Blue City

The Old City district of Jodhpur, in Rajasthan, lives up to its name as the Blue City.  Really, just about everything in the district is blue.  A wonderful blue. . . .

Jodhpur is also called the Sun City for its beautiful weather.  Or maybe because, if it isn’t blue . . . then it is yellow and filled with light . . . .

Jaswant Thada

And, as in any city I venture into . . .  through my eyes, some of it is monochrome . . . .

The Chai Stall

Next time, we meet in Jaisalmer.

Until then, Namaskār,


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9 Responses to INDIA: Jodhpur, The Blue City

  1. Blue LIne says:

    great pictures, I love Blue

  2. Carol Chanel says:

    Lisa – fantastic pics. That blue is so beautiful… I want to paint something that color right now. No wonder they live there. WOW! Can’t wait for the next group!!

  3. Ayn Brown says:

    Really wonderful Lisa, never thought I would enjoy Jodhpur in Monochrome, but you have done a wonderful job!!!

    • Thank you Ayn! Great to hear from you. I remember you saying how much you loved India – what a terrific culture, amazing people . . . I loved it too. I hope we meet up again soon.

  4. Wow! your photos! It’s breathtaking! I’m an artist from Gaza, Palestine, an many of your portraits tempted me to draw them 🙂 Really wonderful! Wanna visit this blue city and meet their simple and beautiful-face people.

  5. Thank you Shahd! I am really happy the images inspire you – that’s a great compliment to me. All the best, Lisa

  6. Mariana Vila says:

    You have the sensitivity of the true artist… nice gift!

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